Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kaylee: By the numbers

2: Number of teeth currently working their way through her gums.

4: Number of consecutive steps she's taken (before just giving up, sitting down and crawling).

5: Maximum number of minutes you have to get her changed and dressed in the morning before she goes crazy wanting to eat.

6: Number of "words" she uses on a regular basis. Mom (rather obvious), Dad (again), dog (usually when she is chasing or has cornered them), no (usually heard around bedtime – or when she's just being ornery), done (at the end of a meal or a bath) and what (her most common word – used when encountering anything new – or just for the hell of it.)

12: Number of big nasty bug bites up and down her legs.

75: Percent of dinner that ends up on the floor or in the dog when she feeds herself.

4: Hours she naps on any given day during the weekend.

0.5: Hours she naps on any given day during the week.

Too many to count: Number of times I've had to watch the singing kitties.

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