Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More steps.

This time at day care. So once again I don't get to witness them.

When Rae picked up the kid yesterday she asked how her day had been. The teacher told her, kind of sheepishly, that Kaylee took a few steps a few days ago. When Rae told her that she'd already done that at home the teacher was very relieved.

One of the things we worried about when we put Kaylee into day care was missing out on "the firsts." It's good to know that our day care people understand that and are willing to put off telling us about them in hopes that they will happen "first" at home.

Kaylee today: Still sleeping.

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maggie said...

That is so cool! You obviously have the right people caring for Kaylee when Mom & Dad are at work. Yay, daycare people! Three cheers for daycare people!