Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shoot me now

Baby + teeth + fever = One grumpy monkey.

Kaylee is in a pretty foul mood most of the time. Fever this weekend. Didn't want to eat last night. Doesn't want to be held. Doesn't want to be put down. In fact, I've only stumbled on one thing that will appease her.

I found this on another blog. It's owner was as disturbed by this as I am.

But Kaylee loves it. She stares, laughs, reaches for the kitty ... And as long as it takes her mind off of how bad she feels, I'll continue to play it.

Hell is filled with singing kitties. Won't you join me?

Kaylee today: Meow?


agebhard said...


I hope she feels MUCH better soon- so when I get there you don't need to play this anymore...

LTodd said...


maggie said...

What incredibly talented felines! I can't believe they learned to sing!

I'm just glad the kitties didn't progress to the more difficult verses. Imagine trying to teach a cat to sing:

I've got the peace that passeth understanding down in my heart

Or, to cause feline cardiac arrest:

I've got the wonderful love of my blessed redeemer way down in the depths of my heart.

But perhaps the full version would make her happy longer. Something to consider, I suppose. Perhaps you could have a chat with Max & Gabby?