Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gourd hunting

It's October. Which means Halloween is right around the corner. So Kaylee needs her first pumpkin, right? For the past few years we've been traveling about 20 miles outside of town to pick our gourd from an honest to goodness pumpkin patch. This year the kid made her first trip.

Pumpkin carving photos to come as soon as we get off our butts and actually do it.
On the way there in her new car seat. (The one that came with the box.) Doesn't she look excited?

High winds and lots of dust make for some interesting facial expressions.

This pumpkin wasn't good enough. It made Kaylee sad.

Cruisin' the patch with Dad in tow.

This one makes Kaylee much happier.

After determining that it could stand up on it's own – the gourd came home with us. All 13 pounds of it.

A family self-portrait with dirt and shadow.

Kaylee today: Dirty.

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maggie said...

Thanks for the update! Love the dirt self-portrait. Can't wait for the video of the carving experience (subtle, aren't i?)