Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, kinda ...

So we had grand plans for Halloween. We were going to drive around to friends' houses and show off the kid ... or we were going to head over to Tucson Electric Park and hit the big free celebration the city puts on ... but Kaylee didn't think we should go out.

We got her dressed about an hour ago – and she's just now settling down. Despite being dressed as a bee, she's insisted on being a monster since we got home. ;-)

Oh well, it's probably a good thing. We wouldn't want her to rot her only two teeth out with candy overload.
Headband. Too. Tight. Must ... scream ...

It looks better on Mom anyway.

Kaylee's alternate costume – Nick Nolte's police booking mug.

Taken right after Rae yelled at the kid for trying to grab the candle.
And yes – the blur is intentional.

She did look cute once she settled down and smiled a bit.
Though she still wouldn't wear the headband.

Kaylee today: A little more trick than treat.


maggie said...

What frightens me most is, she actually does look a bit like Nolte!

Love the pictures. She really knows how to "bee" adorable, doesn't she?

Jane Sellman said...

Kaylee, babe, you copied my hair style. I call it "Jane took a shower and then fell asleep during CSI."

She looks so darned cute in that costume.