Saturday, June 07, 2008

About damn time.

I know I've been slacking. There has been a severe lack of updates lately. Some of you may have actually mistaken this for my sister's blog. But I'm back. And I come bearing an update. If you're nice – I might even keep it up this time.

We made a trip to the Doctor of Babies again the other day. Everything checks out good – and no shots this time around. But the kid's got a memory. She was fine in the doctor's office until we got into the exam room ... and as soon as she saw that paper-covered table she started wailing. And wailing. And didn't stop until well after everything was over.

The only real update out of the visit is something we all knew already – the girl's little. Hard to believe that she's a year and a half old and she only weighs in at 22 pounds. And we all know it's not for lack of eating ...

But I hear you. "Enough with the blah, blah, blah – get on with the photos." So here we go – I live to serve.

Kaylee's favorite pre-dinner game involves pulling everything out of the cabinets. And sometimes finding new places to put them.

Kaylee took a trip to Gymboree this morning – and loved it. It's basically a room covered in mats, with all manner of slides, parachutes, balls, lots of kids and a barely 20-year-old woman making a complete fool of herself (and seriously getting on my nerves). We're thinking about signing her up for a 12 week course – but it's a 20 minute drive from the house.

(And check out those boogers – mmmmmmmmm.)

And tunnels. Kaylee dug the tunnels.

Just kickin' back. Enjoyin' breakfast. Wonderin' why Dad hasn't yelled at me to get my foot off the table yet ...

Tonight at dinner, Kaylee discovered the wonder of apples. She likes the juice, she likes the sauce – I guess she just never realized that the flavor came in this easy to carry package.

Kaylee and I teamed up to draw "Man-Man" (how cute is that?) on the table.
The kid's responsible for the eye-beams. I have to take credit for the rest – even if it does look like a 7-year-old drew it. (To my defense, I was drawing upside-down.)

Yes Dad, these are the skills my college education paid for.

Just one of the many examples of why it's so damn hard to say no to the kid. Look at that face ... don't you just want to spoil her?


niftysunburn said...

Isn't one of the things they make you do is draw upside down? Make you learn how to visualize the shapes and relative sizes of the picture rather than seeing the head and torso, etc.?

Yeah, college down the drain. I'll really stick it to dad when I say screw teaching and screw chemistry and start making comic books. Ha, stickin' it to the man. Of course by that time he'll not have been taking his ginko biloba so bets are he won't even know who I am (or he'll just think I'm you like everyone else does).

niftysunburn said...

by the way...

First thing that popped into my head when I saw that last picture:

Eh, maybe it's just anticipation for the new movie.

maggie said...

It's about time.

And damn, that kid is cute. Can't wait to see you guys in 18 get-ups!