Sunday, June 08, 2008

A dinner converastion with Kaylee

SCENE: A small kitchen adjacent to a dining room with a table and four chairs. KAYLEE and DAD entertain themselves at the table while MOM dishes up dinner at the stove.

KAYLEE: Momee? Bhytes?

(Kaylee is served a plate of Manwich, beans and mac and cheese.)

KAYLEE: Joos? Pees joos? (Almost a whisper.) Haat. Bow. (She blows on her food and takes a bite.)

(Mom delivers the cup of juice she left in the kitchen.)

DAD: There's your juice. Now say thank you.

(MOM brings a plate for DAD and herself and sits down. They all begin to eat.)

KAYLEE: (Chowing down.) Teetoo. Teetoo. Teetoo. Teetoo. Momee? (Points at MOM'S plate.) Bhyte? Cheeze?

MOM: Yes Kaylee. Mommy has macaroni and cheese too.

KAYLEE: (Points across table at glass.) Deenk? Wawer?

MOM: Yes Kaylee. Mommy has water.

KAYLEE: (Pats the top of her own glass.) Joos. (Back to eating.) Teetoo. Teetoo. (Undecipherable jabber.) Dahdee? (More jabber.)

(DAD looks at MOM. Both share a perplexed look. KAYLEE continues to eat, and jabber.)



maggie said...

I so completely love that kid.

She says "please". Or, peas. I admit that for a moment I was concerned that you were giving her pea juice, but then I remembered how to speak baby.

Thanks for finally updating. I have to deenk my kafee nao.

Papa Allen said...

It is good to know that family conversation at the dinner table is not a lost art...would have made for an awesome video...Hi Mags, Hey Rae, Hey Kay, thnxs Mike, Howdy to the Newlyweds & every one else...

maggie said...

Hi, Allen! It's always good to stay in touch via someone else's blog!