Sunday, June 15, 2008

It is Father's Day

Well, here's another Father's Day. I know you were all expecting a thoughtful, well-written post about what that means to me. But you're not going to get it.

You see, this is MY day. I'll spend it how I please. And rather than sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to tell the blogosphere how much I enjoy being a dad, I'm going to just enjoy being a dad.

I'm headed outside to sweep off the patio, blow up a little plastic pool, fill it with 90ยบ water, dump in some ice and spend the morning "swimming" with my little girl.

But I hear you, faithful readers. "But what about us? We live to read this blog. We need updates on the kid," you cry. I've heard – no, predicted your pleas, and have a couple of treats ...

Treat #1: Kaylee's getting a little braver when it comes to the giraffes at the zoo. She's sooooo excited to go up and see them – but when it actually comes to feeding them, not so much. That big tongue starts sliming toward her and she drops the treat and cowers. Maybe next time.

Treat #2: Who says walking in heels is difficult? Kaylee figured it out in just a couple of minutes. That's right, the shoe addiction continues - this time with a pair of Mom's heels. There's some video of her clop-clopping around the house – but the AC and the shower going in the background make it unpostable. (The Monkeyhouse has certain standards to maintain after all.) But we're sure she'll put them on again – and we'll be ready to eliminate all background noise for your viewing pleasure.

Treat #3:
Can you say video? I've been meaning to finish this one up for about a week – and just decided to stop editing it and call it done. They say that the average Internet viewer will watch one minute of video before getting bored and moving on ... but I decided you guys are above average – hence the insanely long running time of 4+ minutes.

Off to stick my feet in a kiddie pool. Happy Father's Day.


mags said...

Dear Kaylee,

Someday your dad and I will have to tell you about the dream I had about having a pet pig, the 2:30 a.m. walk home from the newsroom, and having local law enforcement pull us over for talking.

The porcine legend continues.\

jessicat said...

I stuck it out for the entire was worth it all. How well she is doing with her words. What to go Kaylee!

Love Aunt Jessica