Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kaylee's A to Z

A is for APPLE (abbah)

B is for BELLY BUTTON (bedhay buh)

C is for CHAIR (shar)

D is for DOWN (dow)*

E is for ELEPHANT (ehphan)

F is for FISHY (feeshee)

G is for GIRAFFE (raff)

H is for HI (hiee)

I is for ...

J is for JUICE (joos)

K is for KITTY (teeh)

L is for ...

M is for MILK (muk)

N is for NOSE (noh)

O is for ...

P is for PUPPY (boppy)

Q is for ...

R is for RIBBIT (rirrit)

S is for SPIDER-MAN (manman)

T is for TRUCK (shruh)

U is for UH-OH (upoh)

V is for ...

W is for WATER (wawer)

X is for ...

Y is for YELLOW (yeyow)

Z is for ...

20 out of 26 ain't bad.

* I can't put "Daddy" here because I replaced "Mommy" with "Moo" (Kaylee's word for cows) and then again with "Milk." Rae is a jealous, jealous woman.


maggie said...

Dear Kaylee,

I can't wait until next week, when I will get to tickle your bedhay buh! We'll snuggle in the big comfy shar with a glass of muk and try to convince the teeh to snuggle with us.

Then we'll go to the beach, where we'll splash in the wawer and maybe even feel the feeshee's swim past our toes!

Only five more get-ups!

jessicat said...

I really would have preferred that I saw this in vide form with interpretative cue cards - after all hearing it is far more exciting!! Hmmm perhaps you shall work on that.