Saturday, July 07, 2007

Can't sleep

So you get an update. Lucky you.

She's an omnivore: Kaylee had her first bites of meat for dinner last night. Or what passes for meat in baby food anyway. Pretty much just pureed veggies with some chicken fat. Looked horrible. Smelled worse. She didn't seem to mind.

She is her mother's daughter: She is currently obsessed with shoes. Her favorite is mostly anything with laces (which she will spend an hour undoing) but I'm sure that will soon be replaced by slingbacks of Italian leather.

What's in there? Another obsession of hers is the fridge. She is bound and determined to get in there sooner than later. She will be playing on the floor, minding her own business, but as soon as you open the fridge she is scooting along trying to sneak a peek inside. The couple of times she has made it in she just pulls herself up on the crisper and stares with wonder ...

Gumming her food: Kaylee still has a toothless smile. (But a cute one.) Her gums are swollen and she is chewing on everything – but she's been like that for months, so I don't know that it means anything.

Well, that killed 10 minutes. Now what?

Kaylee today: Sleeping (which I should be)

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maggie said...

Will her first word be Mommy, Daddy or Jimmy Choo?