Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Ocho

Yesterday Kaylee hit the eight month mark. Kinda hard to believe. Seems like only a month ago she had her six-month check up. (Oh, that was a month ago.) It's really impressive when you look at everything she's doing now (off the top of my head):

Crawling all over the house, carrying around her favorite frog toy, following us (and the dogs) from room to room, enjoying eating applesauce, not enjoying eating peas so much, drinking out of a sippy cup, pulling herself up on furniture, pulling herself up on our legs, pulling herself up on the dogs and holding on for dear life as they run off, loving (tackling ) the cats, saying "dadadadadada" and not much else, screaming like a banshee when you try to put her in her car seat, putting herself to sleep in her own bed (almost) every night, (usually) sleeping through the night, putting herself back to sleep when she wakes up, playing quietly in her crib while she waits for us to wake up in the morning, doing "the happy dance" when I come home from work each evening (gotta get video of that), letting go while standing up (and lasting for more than two seconds), taking your hands and walking across the room ...

And it's all really impressive when you consider that just a few months ago she was:

Eating, sleeping, pooping.

Kaylee today: Awesome.

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Maggie is... said...

I used to do a happy dance when my dad came home from work. He used to bring those little malt cups with the flat wooden spoon. Maybe you should try one of those, I bet Rae would dance.