Monday, January 14, 2008

Family Arts Festival Fun

Kaylee was just a little too young for most of the crafty stuff this year.
Maybe next time. We did manage to find a couple of things to do though.
Either A) Rae managed to get a nice, artsy shot of dad and Kaylee walking hand in hand or B) Rae doesn't know how to use the camera very well.
Either answer is acceptable.

Kaylee's not too sure what to think about all this green stuff.
Where's the dirt? And rocks?

While Rae had a great time making the bug antennae princess crown for her – Kaylee wanted nothing to do with it. Even if it did make her look really cute – but you'll have to take my word for it. This is the closest I could get to a photo of her wearing it.

"If I did that – do you think I'd get in trouble?"
or "I wonder what THAT tastes like."

You thought grass was confusing?
Meet the dead antelope, stilt-walker mime thing.

It scares me too. Especially his leotard.

It may be Rae's favorite fair food –
but corn on the cob is especially difficult to eat when you only have two teeth.
And they are both on the bottom.

And we got our picture taken by the fine folks at the Arizona Daily Star.
See if you can find us.

Kaylee today: Fair.


maggie said...

Love the pictures! And yes, I did find you.

I did not know that corn is Rae's favorite fair food! It's mine, too. And it will be Kaylee's. It runs in the family, on both sides.

Sarah Niemann said...

Wow, I was there at the festival in Tucson. Actually I was at the bridal show but it was at the same place. I saw the festival. Crazy, huh? I am getting married in Tucson.