Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kaylee's adventures in Dork Land

It's all my fault if she grows up liking Star Trek and Spider-Man. I took Kaylee to another comic book convention this weekend. This time just a bit up the road in Phoenix. I can't say that we were terribly impressed – but as Rae said "It got us out of the house."
Kaylee's been to shows before - but she was definitely more aware of her surroundings this time. Especially the freaks. And by freaks I mean people in costumes – and judging by the smell (l'eau du fanboy) many of them share a rare soap allergy.

Not too sure what to think about Darth Vader. But all in all she took the Dark Lord of the Sith pretty well – it think it helped that when he spoke he sounded more like Conan O'Brien than James Earl Jones.

But the blue lady Jedi with tentacles on her head? Not a fan.
She's supposedly one of the good guys – but look at the way she finds joy in a child's screams of terror. Beware the blue Jedi – I'm pretty sure they eat children.

Kaylee accompanied me to the con's sketch competition. It's a great idea, they have all the professionals sketch ideas from the audience – and then auction them off for charity.

But even Kaylee knows that no one wants to buy a drawing of Superman wearing a fruit hat – no matter who drew it.

We took a break outside on the lawn. Rae took a nap and Kaylee inhaled a snack.

But the Costumed Ones seem to have followed us outside! And they don't seem to friendly – they keep throwing big red balls at each other! I think they're angry! Run!!

Watch out Kaylee! The Nintendo character (who really needs a pair of pants) is going to get you!

Can't go that way either! The high-school kid with a bad wig and Lee Press-On-Nails on his toes will see you!

Back in dad's car, it takes Kaylee all of two minutes before she passes out.
(And sleeps the entire drive home.)

Kaylee today: Conned.

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maggie said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Too bad you couldn't have avoided the blue Jedi.

Kaylee is the cutest little dork ever!