Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach house photos one (UPDATED*)

Yes, it's another crappy iPhone picture – but it was just too cute not to include. Especially since Kaylee didn't have her own ticket and was technically considered a carryon.

Kaylee started her vacation hanging out with me, checking out the Fourth of July parade in Arlington Heights while Rae and Maggie hit the gym. I'm pretty sure we had the better time. (Even when you factor in that Kaylee was terrified of the fire trucks.)

Two of the big reasons we planned this vacation. The other would be pie.

Speaking of pie – Kaylee and Alice lend Grandma Cindy a hand.

I had to back up to the wall, hold the camera over my head and shoot blind to try and capture the whole table. Dinner was one of the highlights of every day – there was soooo much food and laughter we never left the table wanting ... well, except for that first day.
We had plenty of laughter, but food ... not so much.

Uncle Ryan spent a lot of time getting to know the girls better. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that they are the exact opposite of the marines he's been hanging out with.

Teaching kids how to read is important. Teaching kids how to make monster faces while reading is equally important.

A picture from one of our rare trips into town ... and we still spent time down by the water. This is the end of the pier by the public beach.
You know ... the beach everyone else had to use because they didn't have access to a PRIVATE beach.

We're so cool.

Kaylee is confused by Uncle James' Windows-based laptop.

Story time was one of the few chances Grandpa Charlie had to get close to Kaylee. She's still not sure about the big guy, but if you distract her with her favorite book ...

Many bellies were exposed. Many zerberts were blown. And there was much rejoicing.


* Because I'm dumb and forgot to upload a photo.


maggie said...

What's cracking me up is that most of these photos are the same as mine, and yet your captions make your pictures funnier. It's so unfair.

Becky said...

this just means that next time matt and i are exempt from making dinner. wouldn't want you guys to go hungry on my part. ;)