Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday*

Everyone else is playing – follow the links on the right – so why not me too? Just don't expect it every week – I'm not good with structure. My creativity will not be contained.

1. I left for Vegas on a business trip over the weekend. (Single-handedly saving the future of the newspaper industry – or at least pretending to.) I wasn't gone for an hour and Kaylee fell on her finger while carrying a rock. She mangled it up good, tore and bent the nail. Basically, it looks like it's been through the pencil sharpener. And she keeps banging it on stuff. Awesome.

2. Kaylee left me a voice mail while I was gone. "Hi Daddy. I love you." (Hydadee. Aywuvyoo.) Too damn cute. I've still got it on my phone.

3. Spider-Man (still lovingly known as Manman) has gone from cool to an obsession around here. We keep several episodes of the cartoon on the Tivo because she insists on watching it first thing when she gets home in the evening.

4. No more serial killer games at daycare – at least not yet. Today's activity was stretching your arms to the sky and squealing "UP HIGH" then dropping to the ground "down low." Lots of fun at the dinner table.

5. Speaking of the dinner table – Kaylee has decided that she doesn't want to join us for dinner anymore. Probably because she can see the TV from her chair and she would rather be watching Spider-Man. We are slowly breaking her of this. Slowly.

6. Sometimes I wish she'd watch Batman cartoons. Just for a little variety. Hell, I'll take Pokémon. But I draw the line at The Wiggles. Seriously – what kind of self-respecting pirate uses a feather for a sword?

7. No advancement on the potty front yet. She's sitting on it every now and then – but only as long as she's not distracted by something else. Like the bathtub. Or the dog. Or Spider-Man. I don't want to force it at this point. It seems like "did your parents try to potty train you too early?" is commonly asked of the psycho in the movies. And with her already being exposed to homicidal behavior at daycare, I'm not pushing my luck.

8. Kaylee was walking around with the phone today when she told us she wanted to talk to Grandpa Charlie. So we called him. Apparently Grandpa Charlie wasn't home – but he got a message on his answering machine.

9. She's got yellow down (yeyow pococo) – but I think she just mixes up blue, green, red and purple because she can.

10. I've only got nine things. I told you I don't do structure.

* Yes, I realize that it is Wednesday. See item #10.


maggie said...

Thanks for my laugh today. I'm loving you ten ... erm ... nine on Tuesday ... erm ... Wednesday!

Miss you and the girls.

Grandpa Charlie said...

And Grandpa just couldn't keep his mouth shut about the fact that he got a phone message from Kaylee B4 grandma did.

Anonymous said...

So Grandma called her darling granddaughter. So there.....