Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Bye beach."

Only it didn't sound like "beach." It sounded like a similar word that one might get in trouble for saying. Especially when you're not even two-years-old.

Which explains why Uncle Ryan was mortified that he had prompted Kaylee to say it.

We hadn't been at the beach house for even one day – and he was teaching his adorable niece to swear. Sure it was unintentional – but he and Tori had taken the kids on their own and they were responsible for their behavior.

Their curse-laden behavior.

Not that we cared. Hell, we thought it was cute and it became one of the running jokes for the week.

And that's pretty much how vacation went.

If you were there (and about half of the readers of this blog were) you've already seen the photos. You've all got copies of everything and some of you (Maggie) have already beaten me to the punch in publishing your vacation memoirs on the World Wide Intertubes.

But what you don't have yet is my witty banter. And we all know that is the reason everyone reads this blog. It's not about cute pictures of the kid (anyone can post cute pictures and call it a blog), it's all about me. And who am I to disappoint all seven of my fans?

So what follows are my (somewhat random) thoughts on vacation and family and beaches.

And some photos too. Some even feature cute kids.

Just in case you're in to that kind of thing.


Papa Allen said...

Thnx Mags, for sharing, for caring, for bearing and for being U. LUV YA... and Thank You Mike for the same and so much more... looks like fun was had by all... wish we could have been there...

maggie said...

Aw, Allen ... you darn near made me cry! Love you guys; wish you could've joined us!