Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Learned at the lake house

- Moose are carnivorious.
- Kaylee likes swimming, as long as the waves stay out of her face.
- The water is cold.
- The locals can be rather rude.
- My paper's film critic was 110 percent wrong about WALL-E.
- Kaylee will go right to sleep if you wear her out on the beach first.
- Kaylee loves Alice, except when she's had enough.
- Alice's "redrum" freaks Cindy out.
- Chocolate-covered blueberries rock.
- Maggie has no idea what mole tastes like.
- Cindy, ovens and carbohydrates don't get along.
- Dad still sleeps a lot.
- Everyone needs their own damn iPhone.

More later.


LTodd said...

Phil never likes any movies. And by the mere fact he doesn't like "Wall-e" further emphasizes my theory that he has no soul.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Your cats are fine but miss you.
Kiss for my Kaylee.

maggie said...

A few other things we learned:

S'mores are still good when there's a little sand mixed in.

Coffee first; then, anything's possible.

The Dutch are weird, but their healthcare is outstanding.