Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beach house pictures two

One of the few pictures of all three of us.
I swear, I have to do everything myself ...

Yes the water was cold.
Though we usually opted to swim without the sweatshirts.

"Hey wait a second ... YOU'RE not Dad!"

"Ummmm ... Mom? Where'd your legs go?"

Girls in hats.

James channels Mark Hamill as he ponders his future.

OK – I'm not being mean in this photo. I'm teaching the girls a life lesson. Never trust Mike with a bucket of cold water.

S'mores are served best with family, fire and a healthy portion of sand.

When you throw a fit at the beach – you get time out on the beach. And it's cute.

1 comment:

maggie said...

I know I took at least one photo of all three members of the Tucson contingent. Besides, the one you posted here is one of my favorites. It's already in a frame on my desk at work. When people ask who it is, I just say "Oh, that's my niece," as if there are no other people in the picture.

So far, no one's even asked.