Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun day

I started off my morning by making two women cry. Or at least pushing them to the verge of tears. The two in question would be Kaylee's teacher and the woman who runs the daycare.

I told them that next week would be Kaylee's last with them – and that we're switching her to a preschool. They weren't happy. But it's nice to know that she'll be missed! 

Apparently – most of the daycare was in a funk as word spread. It's apparent that Kaylee really has become one of the favorites of the staff. And while we're sure Kaylee will miss them (not to mention some of the kids) we're sure she's going to love the new place.

Even if it is more expensive. And a little further away from my office. And we have to pack her lunch every day.

More later. Sleep now.

1 comment:

mags said...

Wow. That's a great start to your day. But it sounds like you're doing what you have to do for "our" girl.

Keep us posted!