Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vegas: By the numbers

So I'm back from my Vegas trip. (All work and no play makes Mike a dull boy.) It was great to get out and recharge my batteries and to see colleagues from around the world – but I'm happy to be home with my girls again.

4 • Number of nights spent at the swank Red Rocks Spa and Casino in Las Vegas.
160 • Starting nightly rate for a hotel room at the hotel. (Thank god for the conference discount!)
12 • Approximate miles from "the strip."
0 • Minutes spent actually on "the strip."
75 • Gambling losses. (Pai Gow is lots of fun and slightly addictive – I'm glad my group left the table while I still had some chips in my hand.) 
75 • Total amount spent on gambling. (That's right – ZERO winnings. I rule.)
2 • Average time I went to bed.
7:30 • Average time I woke up in the morning.
2 • Number of drinks actually purchased for myself during the entire trip.
? • Number of drinks actually consumed. (There's a lot of free booze in Vegas.)
4 • Strikes bowled at the Casino's VIP lanes.
2 • Number of sessions I actually chose to attend. (The rest of the time I was running around working the conference.)
1 • Pay-per-view movies watched from the comfort of my room when I was feeling slightly antisocial. (No, not one of THOSE movies ... )
10 • Number of seconds it took Kaylee to want to go to Rae once all three of us were finally in the same place again. :-P

All in all a great trip. I can't wait to go back – but next time, I'll take Rae with me. Who wants Kaylee for a weekend?!


maggie said...

What movie did you pay to view? Without a title, your readers are forced to leap to our own conclusions. No good can come from this.

Heck, I'll take the kid, if you think she could stand me. Would it be wrong to fly to Tucson to see the girl and not the big kids?

I think not.

Grandpa Charlie said...

I think grandparents get first dibs. Maybe Kaylee needs to come to Illinois for a visit w/o mom and dad. What dya think?

maggie said...

Yes, I agree that grandparents get dibs. I'm willing to take the leftovers, of course! I'm just here if ya need me ... ANY of ya, you know?

Anonymous said...

we would take her too!!
love, grammy

niftysunburn said...

umm... ship her to India?

She'll fit in one of those fixed rate parcels. It's a lot cheaper than any of the other options so far.

ps- by "one of THOSE movies" were you referring to pornography? If so, that's just disgusting and I can't believe you'd even bring that up. If not, I'm in the dark... throw me a friggin' bone here.

monkeyhouse said...

Geez people. I watched "Wanted." The movie all about Angelina Jolie being half naked and shooting people in the face. I highly recommend it.

Especially the half naked part.

Anonymous said...

No, No, I'll take her! I'm the official babysitter ya know! And the player of the movies and the server of the Pizza!