Saturday, September 20, 2008

If you wait long enough, it will happen.

Yes, I've finally updated. I commend the Maggie's of the blogoshpere for not nagging me about posting. (I know it was hard for you.) There were a million and one things to take care of – and unfortunately updating the blog was at the bottom of the list.

Kaylee had her last day at her old day care yesterday. I was the lucky one, I got to drop her off. So I only had to deal with the threats of kidnapping ("You know your baby won't be here when you come back, right? I'm gonna snatch her up.") while Rae had to deal with the tearful good-byes. (And this is Rae we're talking about. There were tears.) Kaylee's class even made her a good-bye card complete with photos and painted hand prints. It also made Rae cry.

Kaylee starts the new school on Monday. This will also make Rae cry.

Kaylee is really enjoying "helping" Rae with any food prep. (And by helping I mean mixing the banana bread until half of it is on the floor.) They say that if you let kids help you cook, they are more likely to be interested in eating. That may be true for banana bread – but I don't think the theory holds water when it comes to vegetables.

This Skype thing is pretty cool. Kaylee is always asking to "see picture Alice" – and now those picture move and talk back. Pictured is a "picture James" – not quite the same, but a decent substitute.

We made another trip to the zoo last weekend.
The flamingos were a hit ...

... and they inspired imitation.

The bird house is always a favorite destination. It's a huge enclosure where you get up close and personal with birds of all sizes and colors. Kaylee loves hunting for them and watching their every move.

Unless they get too close to her stroller. Because that's HER stroller, and she'll be damned if any stupid bird gets to ride in it.

We also made the switch to a big girl bed. (Which you know if you've been following the Twitters.) It's the exact same bed, we just took the front panel off.

It freaked her out a bit at first ...

... but the first night went OK ...

... but we've also found her like this a few times. I don't know if she's rolling or climbing out, but either way we find her on the floor every now and then.

Last night she wasn't feeling very well when she went down, and later I found her passed out on the floor next to a pile of vomit. I didn't think that was supposed to happen until college. And even then she's not supposed to tell me about it.


maggie said...

Wow! Thanks for the update; it was well worth the wait!

And doggone it, Mike, you are so freakin' funny. It seems so wrong - you're the design guru, and yet you're also one of the best writers I know.

Life is so unfair.

Love the pictures. Love you.

Charlie and Cindy said...

Ok, call me an obsessed g-ma and a bit on the senile side, but weren't there pictures of Kaylee and her bed here before. I like to go back and look at the kids and I thought there were pictures, but I could be REALLY losing it.


monkeyhouse said...

I'll take "Old & Senile" for $500 please, Alex.

Mari said...

I love the picture of Kaylee on the floor. One of my favorite pictures of Eli is exactly the same, except that I don't have that picture because it was on my phone, which Eli put in the toilet.