Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm golden

1. Daughter is still experiencing growing pains related to attending a new school.
2. She has just been diagnosed with an ear infection AND pneumonia.
3. Economy is in fiscal ruin and is likely to degenerate into a system using spices, canned goods and children as currency any day now.
4. I am getting ready to board a flight to Baltimore – ditching my wife and child for the long weekend in favor of a long weekend of "hanging out with the guys."

How do you spell Parent of the Year?



maggie said...

You actually could be Parent of the Year, my dear. I admire you and Rae as parents in a way I never imagined I would feel. Team Rice Tucson rocks, my friend, and taking a long weekend away will do nothing other than recharge your batteries and make you an even better dad when you return.

I love you.

Papa Allen said...

Please forgive my tardiness in responding to updates. It seems life has gotten in the way of livin once again...for an update of my world; checkout my response tO "Obsessed with Trucks". THIS BLOG STILL ROCKS!!! Thnx Mike! Hugs & Kisses to the ladies of the house!!! Gotta go now G-ma needs a little assistance with the girls. (Michael & Berda are @ a bike rally-HOGROCK)

Papa Allen also said...

WARNING! Aforementioned comment is rather lengthy. Basically I get paid to cruise around S.Central Illinois and observe the richness of Gods wonderous bounty...LOVE YOU ALL!!!