Sunday, June 14, 2009

Better late than never VOL 1

Yes, I'm late. But if you know me - you'd better expect that by now.

So I don't know if you remember or not - but we took a little road trip a while ago. Rae, the kid and I piled into our fuel-efficient Hyundai and made the trek from Tucson to Dallas for my cousin Shay's wedding. Fourteen hours in the car - each way - teaches you a lot about the people you're riding with. Other than the fact that I wouldn't trade my co-pilots for the world, I learned:

1. NEVER attempt a road trip without an iPod and a digital copy of The Little Mermaid. I do need to find a smaller set of headphones though.

2. Kaylee will do anything for ice cream. All you have to do threaten to a) take it away, b) never stop for it again.

3. Texas is REALLY frikkin' wide.

More to come.

1 comment:

Becky said...

man, she is growing up! rae, i'm finally seeing more of you in her! can't wait to see you guys on monday!