Sunday, June 28, 2009

WAS@thelakehouse - part 1

It must have been a good vacation - because I didn't take pictures of most of it. We were too busy making memories to document them. Hopefully someone else had a camera going.

This is also going to be more of a photodump than a coherent thought. The writers in the family will have to excuse me for not having any sort of linear thought process.

The whole vacation basically revolved around this ... laying around and enjoying the company. James even woke up for some of it. The girls loved it. The "adults" loved it. The grandparents cried like babies when it was over.

The girls managed to love hanging out. Most of the time anyway - being two-years-old does get in the way of getting along every now and then. (MINE! No, MINE! AAAHHHH!!! MOOMMM!!) But when they were getting along (which was most of the time) they were a blast to watch running around the house.

Thanks to some great floaty-things Grandma Cindy found, they took to swimming pretty quickly. Rounding out the outfit is Kaylee's Little Mermaid swimsuit - complete with "her beautiful tail." And I don't think she wore anything BUT her new swim shoes for most of the trip.

The water was (much) warmer than last year but we traded that for no beach, leeches and fish who liked to nip at freckles and moles. Maybe next time we'll find something warm, with a great beach and fewer blood-suckers.

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