Sunday, June 28, 2009

WAS@thelakehouse - KAYLEE EDITION

Kaylee has really developed the photography bug - at least a quarter of the shots we brought home were hers. Here are a few of the highlights from the collection:

ELEPHANTS!, from the wildlife collection, 2009

LION!, from the wildlife collection, 2009

SQUIRREL!, from the wildlife collection, 2009

DORKS!, from the wildlife collection, 2009

Picture of my picture, environmental portrait, 2009

Door, environmental portrait, 2009

Boat ride, environmental portrait, 2009

Where they make the clouds, environmental portrait, 2009

Mom, portrait, 2009

Aunt JJ, portrait, 2009

Uncle James, portrait, 2009

Izzybutt, portrait, 2009

Uncle thumb-face, portrait, 2009

Dad and GG, portrait, 2009

Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Cindy, portrait, 2009

Aunt Bex, portrait, 2009

Uncle Steve, portrait, 2009
(a "Grandma Trimmer photo" for those in the know)

Aunt Mary & Aunt Ruth, portrait, 2009

Alice & half an aunt, portrait, 2009

The artist, self portrait, 2009


maggie said...

Love them all! I would like a private showing of her gallery when next I visit Tucson.

Anonymous said...

looks like my grandaughter has the talent to be a photojournalist.not bad for 2 years old. and although i don;t know grandma trimer-i take photos like that too!!!

maggie said...

So she comes by that "talent" honestly, huh, gramma 'netta? That's cool. Love you!