Sunday, June 28, 2009

WAS@thelakehouse - part 2

The North Carolina Zoo was a surprise hit. It's HUGE. It may be in the middle of nowhere, but it's worth the drive. Sure, we only got to spend an hour there and it was miserably hot and muggy - but that didn't slow the girls down. Too much anyway.

We found huge rocks to climb on (and make Rae uncomfortable). And wild snakes to chase.

And every exhibit has life-size statues of the animals to play on.

Aunt Rose and Uncle John's back yard is amazing. It's huge and the landscaping must have taken them forever. But the number of bugs per square inch makes me never want to leave my arid climate ever again.

But it's great for running.

And acting stupid.

Kaylee's experience with Izzybutt makes me think that she'd make a great big sister. (Don't get your hopes up, it's not happening.) She loved holding the kid and feeding her was a special treat. It had to be one of the highlights of the week for her.

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maggie said...

Love it. Makes me wish I'd been there (as if I didn't already). Did anyone cry before you went to the zoo?