Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby Registry blues

OK - I apologize. The Babies R Us website stinks. If you click on the link and try to search for Racheal Rice or Michael Rice you'll be told that zero registries meet your search criteria.

BUT – if you search for Rice in AZ you'll find us.

Since emailing the site did no good, I called the customer service number. An overly-polite service representitive tells me that it will be fixed soon. I'm not holding my breath.

Side note: The phone number is 1-888-BABYRUS. I misdialed 1-800 ... and got a good laugh. Let's just say the phone number is more about making babies. ;-)


Chunky milk said...

yeah... i had no trouble the first time i looked for your registry.... az.. rice.. bam... I R teh winner.

lots of "." in that post. sorry for the over-use fo the ".".

Definitely not Andrew said...

So, uh... will you need a breast pump? In the interest of saving a few dollars, maybe I could give you the spare one I have. Of course I don't really want to discuss how I came to own said breast pump... and I REALLY don't want to talk about the other body parts I've tried it on or how I've scientifically proven that you CAN milk a cat if you try hard enough... I'll just say that it definitely sucks!

Let me know... yours if you want it.