Saturday, July 15, 2006

Butt jokes*

As most of you know, my mom died of colon cancer a couple of years ago. And it's one of those things that just happens to run in the family. Which puts me at risk. Dad's been riding my ass (Ha!) for YEARS now to get checked out.

I've been thinking hard about this for a long time – and I finally got off my butt (Ha!) and scheduled my colonoscopy. It's not going to happen for a couple of months, apparently there are a lot of people in line to get a camera crammed up their bum. All of your nagging paid off. It's on the books and will happen.

Dad's been after me to do this. Rae's been after me to do this. My sister has been after me to do this. My entire family has been after me to do this. Really – it's one of the last things I want to do. I just don't want to know.

But I'm doing it for Kaylee.

Kid's not even here yet and she's already a pain in my ass.


* Butt jokes have been distinguished in the copy above with a (Ha!) just in case you don't have a sense of humor, or mine isn't as good as I think it is.


Anonymous said...

It's been almost THREE years since the old man had his. What's taken so long???


vized06 said...

See? This is what I put up with ...

becky said...

i never thought i'd be so happy to know that my brother was going to get a tube shoved up his butt. :)

Definitely not Andrew said...


After you get this taken care of, you'll "have room" to pursue that gay porn career you've been talking about.

(You'll "fit right in," so to speak.)

Always look on the bright side!

I know. I know. Your daughter will read this someday and cringe. "In certain circles..."