Sunday, July 09, 2006

Name update and more

Here's the E's. Feel free to guess another letter. One guess per day. I'll update the next day with more blanks filled in - or not. Guess by clicking the "Comment" link at the bottom of the post.

At the baby store

So Rae and I spent 4 hours at Babies-R-Us yesterday. We combed through the entire store looking at all the things we need to buy. And even after you weed out all the crap that only ├╝ber-consumers would buy (like the wipes warmer) there's still a lot. So we did the next best thing - we registered for it all. That way you guys can buy it all for us.

Link is in the rail on the right (not that I'm hinting or anything.)

There won't be any baby shower - since we live here and all of you live everywhere but here. So I suggest you plan between yourselves to get together in small groups, have some cake, play some stupid games and tell us how much fun you had.

We made our first official purchase though. I own a stroller. Never really thought I'd be able to say that. But the good news is we managed to avoid the SUV strollers.

Which believe me, is very hard to do. I could ride in 99% of the strollers they sell today. And I really don't want to be that person whose stroller takes up the whole aisle at the mall.

I hate that person.

Oh - I did register for the baby wipes warmer. I'm not going to buy that crap - but I can make fun of one of you for buying it.


becky said...


becky said...

ok i have a guess...Ashlee Marie Rice

becky said...

ok, just curious since i'm looking for baby stuff too, what kind of stroller did you guys get? i can't find any that i like that aren't super huge. or that aren't WAY too expensive. :)

james said...

I had the Rice part down for sure and I was gonna guess Marie as well. Ashlee is pretty good. I couldn't think of anything that ended in -EE.

vized06 said...

You guys are going to be guessing letters for a while I think ...