Thursday, July 20, 2006

On the road again ...

Well, it's official. We've hit that stretch in the middle where's it's boring and nothing is happening.

It's like the road trips we used to take to Grandma's house. Right now we're stuck in the mind-numbingly boring southern end of Missouri. It takes so long to get through you actually pray for the Arkansas state line.

We've done all the fun stuff. We know she's a girl. And we know her name is Kaylee. Now we're just waiting to meet her. Don't get me wrong – there's still a lot to do and experience. It's just that the BIG stuff is out of the way already.

Rae did call me into the other room tonight (upsetting my game of Grand Theft Auto). Kaylee was kicking so hard her belly was moving. But she got real shy as soon as I showed up. One of these days I'll be able to sneak up on her. It shouldn't be THAT hard. I mean, even if her eyes were open she couldn't see me.

On an almost related note – Rae and I have decided to take a weekend trip. One last weekend away before Kaylee changes our social life forever. We're packing up the convertible and driving out to San Diego for an overnight trip. (Yeah, it's another dork trip.)

You like how I did that? Started with a road trip and ended with a road trip? You'd think I was a professional writer or something. Jack Bleedin' Kerouac or something.



Definitely not Andrew said...

Sneaky Mike... very sneaky. I can just see it now:

MIKE: Honey, don't you think we should take one last trip together before the baby is born? I mean, once Kaylee pops out, everything is going to change and we won't have any alone time for another 22 years!

RACHEAL: Yeah, that's not a bad idea. It'd be nice to take a short vacation with you. When should we go?

MIKE: Well, how about this weekend?

RACHEAL: We could do that. But where should we go... there are so many wonderful places we could visit around here: the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert or perhaps Mexico?

MIKE: I was thinking someplace near a beach.

RACHEAL: Yeah! Like California!

MIKE: Yeah! It's a straight shot from here to San Diego... how about that?

RACHEAL: Perfect. We'll take a half-day to drive there, find a nice hotel and spend the entire weekend out on the beach. We could even stay at that cool pink hotel where Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe fell in love in "Some Like It Hot." How romantic!

MIKE: Uh, actually I already booked us a hotel near the San Diego Convention Center.

RACHEAL: Why? Don't you want to be near the beach?

MIKE: Well, actually, there's this little event going on in San Diego this weekend that I thought might be kind of fun for us to check out.

RACHEAL: What, like a sea shell collecting exhibition? Or a parade of beach-front homes? Or maybe a book fair for mystery writers?

MIKE: Um... yeah, something like that. It's the San Diego COMIC-CON! The largest comic book convention in the country!


MIKE: What do you mean "oh?" We can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gumby and meet the cast of "Lost" and go to the statue collectors group meeting and listen to Kevin Smith and buy some comic art.... it's going to be great!!!

RACHEAL: Yeah... great... very romantic. What a wonderful last hurrah for us before the baby is born. You're so selfless Mike... always thinking of me. What a guy.

MIKE: Anything for you honey!

vized06 said...

Wow. It's like you were in the room. Stop stalking me. :-P

James said...

oooo.... You could meet Maddox. But then he'd probably have to punch you in the face or something and then write an article about you being such a nerd.

Anonymous said...

It will be on this road trip to San Diego that Mike and Racheal decide to change Kaylee to Condoleezza.

Mike: "Um, Mr. Kevin, um, Smith.....will you sign my wife's belly?"