Monday, July 03, 2006

Himmer's first dork experience ...

Himmer is a dork.

Rae and I travelled to a comic book convention over the weekend. Yes, a comic book convention. I will give you a minute to get over your snickering fit.

And no, we don't dress up in costumes, we don't play with Pokemon cards and we don't discuss the merits of Star Trek vs. Star Wars. (At least not at length.)

Better? Then we move on.

So I'm sure himmer could sense the anticipation. As soon as we got on the plane s/he started kicking the crap out of Rae. Not that fluttery "I've got gas" feeling but full-on "HEY, STICK YOUR HAND RIGHT HERE AND FEEL THIS" sensations.

Numerous times I had to remind Rae that we were in a public place and I wasn't going to stick my hand down the front of her shorts so I could attempt to feel the baby. (She was just excited - and no, I never felt the kick).

So all during the flight there, kicking. Waiting in line early Friday morning, kicking. During the con, kicking. After the con? Not so much, himmer seemed to settle down.

My explaination? Himmer is a capital D-O-R-K. S/he got all excited for the convention (probably anticipating hisser first Adam Hughes sketch - which will have to wait for next year), was thrilled to be there and was so tired out from the event that s/he could barely muster up the energy to kick Rae in protest of having to leave.

I'm sure that's what it was. I'll have to ask the baby doctor about it Wednesday. (REMINDER: We're going in for the big ultrasound then.) I can't wait. We're very excited. We'll finally be able to focus on just one list of names.

I wonder if you can put an AH! sketch on a baby shower gift registry?


CHUNKy Soup said...

as if being born into our family wasn't bad enough... you took himmer to a comic book convention.... poor kid never stood a chance. guess who's kid is going to be getting bungie wedgies at school from the bigger kids...

Chunk Tuna said...

speaking of bungee wedgies..

vized06 said...

Is that James??!! ;-)