Friday, August 11, 2006

Mmmmmm … fruit.*

In February we had grapefruit

June brought cantaloupe

August? Watermelon.

What? You think I'm talking about … ?

Topics like that have no place here.


* It's a boob joke. It's funny. Really it is. Tough crowd ...


Papa Allen said...

Hey there hi there. Love the BLOG! Keep up the madness! Melons by August...what will November bring? However, I'm concerned for Kaylee(all this bizzare influence so soon). AH, not to worry, PAPA Allen can fix anything...hang in there K! LUV YA ALL!!!

aggiemay said...

ikemay, iyay orryway boutay oooyay. otnay asay uchmay asay iyay orryway boutay ayleekay, avinghay ootay owgray upay inay ousehay ithway ikemay, utbay e'llshay avehay aeray ootay akemay upay orfay omesay ofay athay! ovelay oooyay!

vized06 said...

ouyay atehay emay

Anonymous said...

Oh, the comments I could make!