Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Try blogging sheep*

I should be sleeping.

But instead I lay there and think about work and babies and work and babies and work and babies and work and ... you get the idea.

So instead I'm sitting here updating my oft-ignored blog. (You've missed me. I know it. Well maybe not YOU, but everyone else has.)

We've had a sudden influx of all things baby in our house. Boxes have been arriving and the stuff has started piling up. Most of it is second-hand, but that's fine, because I have no problem using things that have had a little bit of love already.

Especially clothes. Damn, baby clothes are expensive. But thanks to our sisters and our friend Lambert, we've got a good start on Kaylee's wardrobe for the entire first year. Lambert even sent along one of his girls' snowsuits. You know, just in case.

Not tired yet.

But it doesn't end there. We've got one of those diaper genie things - and enough refill cartridges to get us through at least the first week. We've got a baby monitor - which is really hard to test because one person has to talk in a normal voice while the other person screams "YES! I CAN HEAR YOU!"

I'm told there is even a very nice breast pump on the way. And apparently it makes a very amusing oogachaka sound when it is in use. It's supposed to be very amusing - but drawbacks include sore nipples and the sound is known to attract Germans.

Yeah. Not even a little sleepy.

So we've got all this stuff - and we don't even have a baby yet. What we do have is a room for the baby. Or, for now, all the baby's stuff. It's basically the guest bedroom - with the bed removed - and boxes of crap everywhere. I'm hoping we get it all organized and put away before Kaylee gets here - otherwise I know it's never going to get done.

OK, this isn't getting me anywhere. I'm going to go and try TIVO.

*It made sense when I typed it. Quit picking on me.


sloth love CHUNK said...

speaking of david hasslehoff.. i wonder what he's up to now-a-days...

Dave said...

I've got German blood in me, does that mean breast pumps turn me on?