Thursday, August 10, 2006

Monkey hat

Today we got a hand-made monkey hat in the mail from my sister. Funny on it's own - but even funnier when you put it on the cat.* (We don't have a baby to model it and my head is just too big.)

In case you can't tell, the cat is not happy.

I, however, am.

Monkey hats are cool. If my sister loved me she would make me a matching one.

I might even be stupid enough to wear it.

Yeah. I'm stupid enough.**

* Inset of my cat added because Andrew said it would make the photo infinitely more funny. Personally, I'd like to add video - you really need to see her little legs flailing around to get the full effect.

**Just for the record, I am not actually wearing the hat. My head would strech the thing out. So my sister needs to make me one of my own. And matching gloves.


Definitely not Andrew said...

It's all about the funny!

You've just got to explain that to the cat... she needs to know that her discomfort is for the greater good.

becky said...

i was wondering if you got the box. how'd you like the other suff? oh and what the hell is with the porno mustache??

vized06 said...

There was other stuff in the box? All I noticed was the monkey hat.

And my mustache is no more porno than yours is.

becky said...

ha ha...and yes there were other things in the box you dorkus.

Dad said...

Your sister is right. You are.

Lamb said...

dang, now i want a monkey hat...