Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cranky baby

You know – she just really hates getting out of the bath. Especially when you try to dry her hair. And body lotion? Forget it.

Kaylee had her first rough night in a loooong time last night. She was a little cranky all evening – but nothing too out of the ordinary. When she went to bed at eight, she went down like a rock. But sometime around 11:30 she decided it was cranky time.

And even though it's never fun to listen to a screaming child when you're trying to sleep – she was still cute. She'd fuss a bit, sit up, let out a good scream and double over and sleep. Wait 30 seconds and repeat.

Never did figure out what her problem was – but after an hour or so she finally settled down. Maybe she's finally working on some teeth?

Kaylee Mike today: Sleepy.


maggie said...

Get thee to Starbucks, young Mr. Rice! Sleeplessness will not keep you down!

Berda said...

Well either she is cutting a tooth or she is having a bad dream. Just thought I'd throw that in there.