Sunday, August 12, 2007


Kaylee's weekend wasn't exciting. But I took pictures anyway.
It's what dads do. That's just how I roll.

We've started feeding her from our plates. (The kid likes Tuna Helper – she must get that from Rae.) So we decided to fix her a plate of her own Friday night. Chicken and mashed potatoes. It took her about ten minutes to figure out that she could EAT the stuff.

(The fact that she is pictured with a spoon in her mouth should in no way indicate that she has the slightest idea of how to operate it.)

Don't let the photo fool you. She HATES this hat. She spent five screaming minutes trying to tear it off. Finally we took it off and opted for the covered mega-stroller (pictured below).

Kaylee's view (sorta) of our walk this weekend. I'm tempted to tie the dogs to the stroller and just teach her to yell "MUSH."

On our trip to the grocery store Kaylee was told what a cute little boy she was by three different people. (Despite the fact that she's wearing a skirt.) I'm going to buy her a shirt that says "I'M A GIRL DAMMIT!"

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... KICK ... 2 ... 3 ...

Kaylee today: Loud.


Kaylee Fan said...

In that "Your Favorite Band Sucks" photo, she looks like a dude cuz of the hat.

Dude Looks Like a Lady....I mean, Lady Looks Like a Dude.

maggie said...

Just a few weeks ago, I was called "Sir" by the kid behind the counter at Portillo's. It must run in the family.

vized06 said...

Mags - you must have been wearing a hat. Apparently that's what does it.

maggie said...

Note to self: no hat at Portillo's.

Sarah said...

She is so adorable!!! Even with the hat.

becky said...

it's about time the kid got some real food! ;)