Saturday, August 11, 2007

What she means when she says ...

She's got all kinds of squeals, grunts and farty noises, but Kaylee still really only has one word. "Dadadadada" ... which she tends to say when she's hanging out with me or interested in something I have.

But, she has also taken to saying it when she's excited about something. Food, animals, toys, her feet, whatever. And it's only good things. "Dadaddadadada" never means "I just pooped my pants."

So, if "Dadada" = Me.
And "Dadada" = awesome.
Therefore, Me = awesome.

It's a perfect argument. If you say I'm wrong then you're speaking out against my very cute baby. You may as well admit that you hate apple pie, torture puppies and fart in the general direction of the Statue of Liberty.

Be careful what you say. I have Homeland Security on speed dial.

Kaylee today: Dadadadada.


maggie said...

"Dadadadada" means she's practicing scat.

vized06 said...

No ... I already said it doesn't mean pooping ... ;-)

maggie said...

Not that kind of scat, dorkbutt. The Ella Fitzgerald kind.