Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not much to say

Kalyee learns how to put Dad in his proper place.

No big update this weekend. Sorry. I spent all day Saturday at work (I hear it's genetic – right Dad?) and most of this morning either playing with the kid, sprawled out on the couch or painting the "ugly bathroom."

Therefore you, Kaylee's faithful following (and by default my loving audience), are left wanting more. Them's the breaks. Things are getting really busy around here – so posts may become a little less frequent. Or – with everything going on – I may find more to post about.

I guess you'll just have to keep checking.

Kaylee today: Squeaky.


Anonymous said...


Your head makes such funny noises, Daddy!

Dad said...

Light week at work =
Five 1/2 days =
60 hours

Mark Trimmer said...

I just wanted to add my '60-hour/work week' 2-cents that says you ARE normal... at least as much as I am. ;-)

Papa Allen said...

The D.O.T. says I'm allowed 70 hrs. in 8 days, so ha!