Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kaylee weekend update

* She's up another diaper size. I can't get over how big they seem on her. But I was saying the same thing about her size twos – which you can barely get around that belly these days.

* Her first real word (witnessed by two people) is "dog." She said it about 5-7 times today. All while she was loving on Eddie or chasing Pork Chop. Granted – it sounds a lot like "da" but different enough to satisfy even a skeptic like me.

* She's getting too big for her car seat – it's about time to go buy a new one. Problem with that is I drop her off at day care and Rae picks her up. Her current car seat travels with her – the new one would stay in the car.

Which means we would need two. And those things aren't cheap ...

* Speaking of seats – she hates her highchair. So it can be difficult to get her to eat. Though she is very interested in whatever is on my plate. So she gets a little bit of food there ... not much though.

Kaylee today: Screaming. (We say it's bedtime – and she doesn't agree.)

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maggie said...

My mother had a theory that a child's first word determined the gender of the next child, or if there would be one. My sister Pat said Mom, and then came Kathie. My sister Kathie said Mom, and then came Jenn. Jenn said Dad and the next born was Michael. Michael's first word (granted, after I arrived) was Mom, and my first word was Cuckoo.

There were no more babies.

So, going by that logic, you are either "done" or you will have a dog next time.