Sunday, April 06, 2008

Do not read over breakfast

So Kaylee's down for her nap. And it's a looong nap. We just figure she's catching up on sleep since she's had such a long weekend. An hour and a half in she starts fussing. Then more sleep. This goes on for another hour, when she finally wakes up.

So I do the un-Dadish thing to do and go get her, change her diaper ... And she runs straight to Mom.

Back to my computer I go (I was busy with the LAST update) while Kaylee and Rae make with the yogurt for a snack. Typical Sunday afternoon so far. And then ...

[Rae] Mike ...

[Me] Yeah?

[Rae] I don't think Kaylee feels too good.

[Me] Yeah?

[Rae] She's just lying here and she's letting me feed her. (When it comes to yogurt, Kaylee MUST operate the spoon. No matter how little yogurt makes it into her mouth.)

[Me] Huh.

So a few minutes go by and nothing. Finally, Kaylee waddles around the corner and stops next to my chair, looking at me with inquisitive eyes. This usually means she wants to sit on my lap and watch singing kitties on the You Tubes.

[Me] You want up?

She says nothing.

[Me] Up?

She looks at me, opens her mouth and let's out a silent burp. Then holds her arms out for me.

So I lean down to pick her up ... and puke. Technicolor yawn right past my face and painting the floor with what still appears to be yogurt. Strawberry I think.

I'm just glad I didn't pick her up the first time. That could have been my keyboard instead of the carpet.

So then I pull THE most Dadish move I've pulled yet. I scoop up the kid, announce to Rae what has happened and whisk Kaylee away to the bathroom to clean her up and change her into pajamas. Leaving the chunky strawberry puddle for Rae to blot out of the carpet. I can't say it was premeditated – but I also can't say that once I realized what I had done that I was terribly upset with my choice. In fact – this was the only time (even counting college) I can remember wiping vomit off someone's face and smiling.

These are the moments the blog was created for.

Poor kid.


maggie said...

Kaylee Shouts Groceries: A happy Sunday at Chez Rice Tucson.

Poor kid.

And it's true - if memory serves, in college you just left the perpetrator to suffer alone in the loo.

Not that it was ever me, of course.

Becky said...

eeewwww!! glad it was you and not me. :) hope you feel better little one!!