Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A grand reception

Kaylee got her balloon. Kaylee was happy.

One of the flower girls apparently had a little too much to drink and ran around the reception topless. I'll give you a hint – it wasn't MY daughter.

Whenever we try to get all the great-grandchildren together with GG for a photo it always seems to be a bit chaotic. This time was no exception.

Mom introduces Kaylee to the Chicken Dance.
God help me – I think she liked it.

Uncle James – chick magnet. (As long as she's under the age of five.)

Dad introduces Kaylee to "Shout!" Another wedding reception staple – but leaps and bounds ahead of the Chicken Dance.

Uncle James seems to spend a lot of time on the floor. Usually with one of his nieces sitting on him. (And all without the aid of alcohol!)

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Flower Girls Gone Wild!