Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going to the chapel …

For the five percent of you who weren't there – we made a trip back to central Illinois for Dad's wedding this weekend. Grandpa Charlie managed to (bribe, drug, coerce) talk a lovely lady into marrying him and joining our (loony bin) family.
On our way …

So now I've got my very own stepmother and Kaylee gets a Grandma Cindy (or whatever other cute title she might come up with.)

So welcome to the family Cindy. You had your chance – you're stuck with us now.

Many, many photos follow. (And I'm sure my sister will post some of her fancy photos to her blog just to show me up.)

Addendum – I just realized that the only photos of the blushing bride are from extreme distances. Oops. We'll have to remedy that in July. Cindy – you just need to stick closer to the kid. ;-)


Anonymous said...


The wart and apple are easily identifiable in pics. That's why I stay away from cameras, that and I'm afraid they'll actually steal my soul.


maggie said...

Love the pictures. And yes, you are always the luckiest guy in the room.

And not just because you brought me into the fam.