Saturday, April 12, 2008

More, more photos

I'd been sitting on these to post last week. Then everyone got sick. So you get them now. Who knows how long you'll have to wait to see the stuff I shot this weekend.
I don't what's funnier about this photo. The fact that Kaylee HAD to help me carry her dirty diapers out to the trash ... or the fact that she refused to get dressed until I let her.

Looks like Kaylee is ready to start wearing "big girl pants." Unfortunately, they belong to mom – who will likely shoot me for posting photos of her underpants on the internets. Good thing Kaylee didn't grab the frilly ones.

OK - you didn't have to wait that long. Here's one from Friday night.

What can I say – I'm a sucker for a good dog photo. And the kid sure does get a kick out sitting in the same chair as him ... almost as much as she gets out of sitting on him like a chair ... but I don't have THAT picture yet.

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Papa Allen said...

No creative prose..just wanted to be the first one to post a comment...thanx for the photo updates!!! LOVE YA ALL!!!