Monday, April 07, 2008

More photos

Spent all day at home with a sick child today. Can't say that it broke my heart to do so. She may have felt bad – but she sure was in the mood to cuddle. The worst thing about the day was probably my decision to watch "Death Wish 4." The movie made me Charles Bronson would put me out of my misery.*

But I don't have photos from today. Instead, I give you happier times.

Like Saturday ...

We took Kaylee out for lunch and got her three favorite things. Ham. Cheese. Olives. I don't know where she got a taste for those vile, little, black things ... she sure didn't get it from me.

This weekend was the first time Kaylee has ever worn a hat without tearing it from her head – and the famed Fourth Avenue Street Fair. I just realized that Tucson has a street fair on an avenue. And it's not like we even pretend that it's a street. It's quite well known as Fourth Ave.  I guess you could call it the Avenue Fair. Or if you really want to have a street fair – just hold it on a street. Or if they really wanted to get an appropriate name, they could call it the Bunch of Crap in Tents on Fourth Avenue Fair.

But Kaylee seemed to like it. Especially after she got her balloon.

Now I know that it looks like I've got the kid on a leash. But she really wanted to walk. And she really wanted to hold her balloon. (She LOVES balloons.**) I tell you, this kid was in heaven ... right up until the time we got into the car, she got her diaper changed and Dad let the balloon fly out the open car door.

* I already brought this up with Maggie – but have you noticed that any evil "gang" in an 80s movie is an odd, multi-cultural mix of "Mad Max" and "Fame"? Usually led by a large white guy with a mohawk and some kind of urban tribal war paint. They're all chains and bad hair.
** If Grandpa Charlie and Cindy make sure there are balloons as wedding reception decorations, there will be at least one very happy grand child. Just sayin'.


maggie said...

Cutest. Kid. EVER

I can't wait to hug her.

And Rae.

And, well, you.

Anonymous said...

There are, indeed, balloons with music notes on them. I remember when Tori spent my younger sister's wedding reception pushing a chair around the room. They do find things with which to entertain themselves, don't they?


Anonymous said...

By the way.... what in the name of heaven are those olives embedded in? It looks like scrambled eggs. :-( ohhhh yuk

vized06 said...

It's a Subway sandwich?

Anonymous said...

Michael- Thou shalt not chide thy father's future wife - dost thou not know the 11th commandment? (note to thee, appropriate punctuation for a smart reply)


Anonymous said...

I recognized it as a Subway sandwich - who else cuts the cheese (pun intended) into perfect triangles?

Posting anonymously so as not to suffer the wrath of anyone's father's future wife.

vized06 said...

Charles - Thou shalt not call out a blogger in his own house - lest he withhold future baby pictures.

Besides - if you guys would attach a name to these anonymous comments, I'd know who I was chiding.

grammy said...

kaylee' papa allen loves those vile black things i guess you can kinda blame that on my daughter!!

Fogger said...

Good job, dad - you let the kid's balloon fly away. BAD PARENT!