Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Famous Rices in History IV

In an effort to find a good name for our unborn child, we have decided to look at famous Rices (unrelated as far as we know) to name the kid after. Part FORE!:

Uncle Ben Rice
Purveyor of fine long grain white rice; available in box or bag.
Pros: "Uncle Ben's brings more to the table." Did you know that their Web site boasts 38 different types of rice, 2 types of soup AND 2 types of rice pudding?
Cons: It's a dude on a box. And he's not real. We've got more in common with the Quaker Oats guy.


Lamb said...

Suggestion: JIM RICE. Best hitter NOT in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Pros: One of the most dominant and feared hitters of his time. 1978 AL MVP. Never did steroids. Will be easy to get dinner reservations in New England as "Jim Rice."

Cons: Couldn't field worth a crap and was a DH. Never won a World Series. Easier to get dinner reservations in New England as "Carl Yastrzemski" than as "Jim Rice."

Berda said...

Sonograms are so fun...just wait until you feel himer move.