Wednesday, October 18, 2006

According to Rae

The kid had the hiccups again today – or she REALLY likes The Clash.

Personally, I like to think my daughter would have good taste in music – so I'll go with the latter.


Dave said...

Hell Yeah! She better like the Clash. If I ever hear that Little Kaylee is into boyband dance crap, I'll force feed her Dave's crash course in rock n' roll. Beginning with The Ramones ending with Built to Spill and somewhere in the middle will be The Minutemen, old Rolling Stones and mid'70s live 'Dead' tunes. A mix for sure!

auntie mag said...

Kaylee and Aunt Margaret will bond over showtunes (the good ones, not the crap) and the Beatles, a little Dixie Chicks, a little Bonnie Raitt, a little Indigo Girls and a little Harry Chapin. With a side of the Outfield and Rick Springfield. But NO BOY BANDS!