Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meat Angus (updated)

So there will be two little girls in my family.

My sister gave birth to Alice Ruth at 3:51 am this morning. (I called a boy at 2:30 - so I was close.)

Either that, or she looks like Yoda. (Turns out, she looks like a Bathje.)

And yes, her name will be Angus. (Don't blame me, I got the idea from Matt's family.) I hope that it doesn't scar her too much.


auntie mag said...

So it's just starting to sink in that my little sister has a little girl. Yowza. Which means that in a few short weeks, my little brother and his little wife are going to actually become parents. Big wow, guys. I'm so excited for you. You're going to be awesome parents. I can't wait to spoil my new nieces!

becky said...

she looks like a bathje and a rice (go figure, eh?). on most days i see james or grandpa rice so who knows. she's definitely a LOT less bathje looking than all of my nieces and nephews (except for kaylee that is b/c that would just be weird).