Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I was all excited ...

Rae emailed me this morning and told me we got a cake. One of her coworkers brought her a "diaper cake" his sister made. (She has a business or something. Apparently there is a market for diaper cakes. Who knew?)

So I've got dessert on the mind after having pie for the last few nights. I'm trying to figure out how one makes a cake that looks like a diaper. And why one would even think to try to make one in the first place. Does it actually look like a diaper? Does it have a creamy, fudge center?

Turns out, it's not something that would taste very good. It's a bunch of diapers arranged to look like a cake. I'm sure all those diapers will come in handy in a few months - but I was really looking forward to eating some cake.

Especially since the pie is gone.


Dad said...

Creamy fudge center???


Jessica said...

Okay the crafter in me needs Rachel to write down or photograph a dissection of how this thing is assembled exactly so I may reproduce it next time I need a baby shower gift for a friend. I can do wedding shower towel cakes but haven't attacked the diaper version yet - looks pretty cool!

auntie mag said...

The whole thing kinda grosses me out. What's next, baby poop cookies? Loose tooth sundaes? Vomit mousse? Seriously, I may never be able to look at a cake in the same way again!