Thursday, October 12, 2006

Interesting fact ...

Babies can get the hiccups before they are even born. Kaylee had them last night – instead of the normal kicks or rolls it was like Rae was incubating a Mexican jumping bean.

I think the kid just must have had too much to drink.

Rae is headed to the baby doctor this morning (actually one of the flying monkeys) and we're going to meet with a doctor of babies (pediatrician) this afternoon.

EDIT: Rae's already done with the BDM. She's officially lost a half a pound since last time (which she's thrilled about) and her uterus is officially up in her rib cage (which she's not so thrilled about.) Next visit is with the actual Baby Doctor in two weeks. Rae is down to have her fluids checked, tires rotated and get a full wash and wax.


becky said... hitting the bottle until AFTER the baby is here.

by the way...yes the pop ups are EXTREMELY annoying!!

auntie mag said...

Who knew about the whole hiccup thing? Fascinating. Of course, when I hiccup, it usually does have something to do with tasty beverages. Are you guys taunting my niece with tequila?