Friday, October 06, 2006

דייקאר, דייכאר

So Rae and I checked out our first daycare possibility this morning. It's supposed to be one of the best in town. They seem to have a nice program, good kid to teacher ratio, nice people. It's affiliated with one of the Jewish Temples here in town.

Personally, I think that's kind of cool. Now before anyone starts – we're not even thinking about converting. I just like the idea of my kid being exposed to another culture. (God knows it could be tough to come by growing up in the cornfields of central Illinois.) If we're lucky, Kaylee will be speaking English, Spanish and Hebrew by the time she's two.

Now all I have to do is learn two of those languages.

One thing was kind of strange – the whole place is locked down like a fortress. Cameras everywhere. You need a special key fob to get in the door. I'm surprised there wasn't a secret handshake.

Or maybe there was. They just don't tell you what it is until after you've cleared the waiting list.

So we wait for an opening ... and in the meantime, we should have checked out another three or four places in the next week.

And tomorrow? Lamaze class starts. Rae and I get to learn all about "natural child birth." And all I can think about is Bill Cosby ...


The Coz said...

That's not a Jell-o pudding cup in that diaper!

Chunk said...

i was thinkin about the same thing mike..

even better that you added the video...